Working with the Contribution Form

Each time you sign in to the system, you establish an editing session for the contribution form.  While you are signed in, you will have the ability to create a new filing, open a saved filing and append it, or retrieve a previously filed form and amend it.

Form Features:

    You must be logged into the system to access the Contribution form;

    The system saves the form for each filing period and it can be retrieved and edited at any time.  If you are amending a previously filed form, the system sets the form as an amendment automatically;

    The Senate, House, and Lobbyist IDs, as well as the contact information you entered for your account, will be pre-populated on the form;

    A wizard is available to help you enter your contributions.  You can display your entries in groups of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 entries per page display.  You can also navigate directly to any page if you have entered a large number of contributions,

    Required fields and form entries will be checked as you work with the form.  If a field is invalid, you will be prompted to correct it before continuing;

    Registrants can populate data from a database using an import tool;

    A printable version of your form can be generated at any time while you work with the form;

    The signing and submission process has been combined into a single step based on the User ID and password you used to sign into the system;

    A printable confirmation message will be displayed each time your file your form.

Note:  The import tool is designed for populating large forms by IT professionals familiar with using XML files only.  If you are not familiar with XML, it is recommended that you use the online form that is provided to create your filings.

Step by Step Instructions:

Creating a New Form

Using Saved Forms

Importing XML Data

Filing Your Form