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Section 6 of the Lobbying Disclosure Act requires that the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House provide guidance and assistance on the registration and reporting requirements.  A Guidance document has been issued that is available on the Clerk and Secretary’s lobbying disclosure websites.

Guidance:  http://lobbyingdisclosure.house.gov/amended_lda_guide.html

For step by step instructions on how to use the contribution system and form:

    Review the user manual that is available from the Help tab on the contribution system;

For information on the content that should be entered in the Contribution form fields:

    Review the appendices of the user manual for line by line instructions;

For help with your Registrant ID or password:

    Use the links on the sign in page to locate your registrant ID;

    Use the links on the sign in page to request your password from the Office of Public Records via email;

For help with your Lobbyist ID or password:

    Use the links on the sign in page to have your ID and password sent to you via email;

    If you are locked out of the system, contact the Legislative Resource Center via email or by phone at (202) 226-5200 to reset your password.

For general technical difficulties:

    Review the Troubleshooting Guide in this manual.  Solutions to commonly reported problems will be listed in this section.

If you are experiencing difficulties and cannot find the answer in the step by step instructions, FAQ’s, or troubleshooting sections of the User Manual, you can contact us via phone:

Legislative Resource Center

B-81 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

(202) 226-5200



Senate Office of Public Records

232 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

(202) 224-0758


Before contacting, have the following information available:

    Registrant or lobbyist name and ID number;

    Computer operating system;

    Error codes or messages that are displayed when you are working with your form.  It is also helpful if you can make note of the specific steps you were doing when the error occurred;

    The name and contact information for your IT support person.

Step by Step Instructions:

Accessing the System