Verifying Previously Registered Lobbyists

Managing Lobbyist Accounts | Verifying Previously Registered Lobbyists 
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To activate an account, you must verify the name and email address so the system can alert them via email that a password must be created for their account.

To verify the account of a previously registered lobbyist:

    Click on the Manage Lobbyists tab in the header:



The Manage Lobbyist screen is displayed;

    Click on the name of the lobbyist that you want to verify:



The Edit Lobbyist screen is displayed;

    Modify the name as needed, including adding a prefix and middle name to uniquely identify the individual;



    Enter a phone number and email address in the appropriate fields;

Note:  It is critical that the email address is entered correctly as it is used for all system correspondence with the lobbyist.  If the email address is not entered correctly, the account cannot be activated;

    Select Active in the Account Status section, and click the Save button.



The Manage Lobbyists screen is displayed with a message that the account has been updated.  The Account and Password status have also been updated to reflect that the account is now active but the lobbyist has not yet activated their account.  When the password is set, the password status will be changed to active.

See Reviewing Lobbyist Accounts for a list of status definitions

Step by Step Instructions:

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