Using Saved Forms

Working with the Contribution Form | Using Saved Forms 
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Because the system saves the last version of your form for each filing period, you can edit a filing in multiple sessions until it is ready to be submitted or amend a previously filed form without recreating it.

To access a previously created report:

    Click on the File LD-203 Report tab in the header bar;

    Select a year and report type from the Report Year and Filing Period fields, then click the Continue button:



When the saved form has been located, a message will be displayed asking if you want to create a new report or load the saved report;

    Click the Load the Existing Report button if you want to access the saved version of your form;

Note:  You can delete all previously entered information by clicking the Start with a New Form button;

    Review the registration information for your form, then click the Continue to PAC’s button;

    Review the political action committee names on your form, modify them as needed, then click the Continue to Contributions button:



A list of all previously entered contributions will be displayed.  If you have already filed the selected report, the system will mark the form as an amendment automatically;

    Add new contributions and edit them as needed until the report is ready to be filed.  When your form is complete, click the Continue to Signature button.

Step by Step Instructions:

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