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Introduction | Understanding Electronic Filing 
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Access to the Contribution Reporting system is based on the current LDA registration process for the House and Senate.  Self employed lobbyists and organizations must first register to lobby, and provide a list of the individuals who will be lobbying for each client.  When a registration is accepted, Senate and House ID numbers are assigned.  Registrants will continue to use their House and Senate ID numbers to file their contribution forms.  To meet the new filing requirements, employed lobbyists will be assigned a single lobbyist ID number that will be used to file their contribution forms with both the House and Senate.  Each user has an account that is associated with their User ID that contains contact and registration information to pre-populate the forms.

To simplify the contribution filing process, a list of lobbyist names has been created for each registrant from previously filed LDA forms. This list contains information about each employee’s account and password status.  Registrants control their employee’s access to the system by adding new lobbyists after they have been registered and updating the lobbying status of each employee to inactive when the employee is no longer actively lobbying.

This system is web-based and all users must sign in to access a contribution form or update contact information.  The form is pre-populated based on the user ID and will alert you if entries on your form are not valid.  When your form is complete, it will be filed electronically using your User ID and password.  The system is automated and designed to allow registrants and lobbyists to manage their own account information and filings. Account and filing status communications will be sent to each user via email.  Lobbyists will also be able to set their own passwords and retrieve them automatically if they forget them.

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