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To access the system and file your forms, you must first sign in with your user ID and password.  If you are a registrant, you will continue to use the same Senate ID and password that is used to file Lobbying Registration and Reporting forms.  If you are an employed lobbyist, you will use the ID assigned by the contribution system and create your own password.

When you are signed in successfully, you should confirm your contact information.  Email addresses are essential as all system communications regarding your ID and password, as well as the status of your filings, will be sent to the email address on file for each account.

Each time you sign in to the system, you establish an editing session for the contribution form.  The contribution form is interactive and the system will build a unique filing for each reporting period.  While you are signed in, you will have the ability to create a new filing, open a saved filing and append it, or retrieve a previously filed form and amend it. Registration information such as the registrant name, Senate, House, and Lobbyist IDs, as well as the contact information you entered for your account, will be pre-populated on the form for you.  Once a filing has been created, it will be saved on the system so that you can append it as many times as needed until the report is ready to be submitted.

The signing and submission process has been streamlined from previous lobbying disclosure forms.  Because you have already signed into the system with your user ID and password, the system will include this information when you submit the form.  You only need to click a single button to file your form with both the House and Senate.  When your form has been received, a confirmation message will be displayed that includes a reference number, timestamp, your name, and the year and period you are filing for.

Once a report has been submitted you will receive an e-mail disclosing the status of your filing. The three main messages are approved, pending or failed. If the message states your filing has been approved your report has been successfully filed and will be available to the public over the internet.  If the report states your filing is pending, there may be some slight discrepancy between previously submitted information and what is on the form.   The House Legislative Resource Center will review the filing and notify you if it was accepted or rejected.  If it was rejected, please review the message carefully as it will contain instructions on how to correct the filing so it can be re-submitted successfully.

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