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Lobbyists may notify the House and Senate that they will be working for a new registrant at any time.  The request will be reviewed by the Legislative Resource Center and approved when both the old and new employer have filed the appropriate forms to add and remove the name from their respective list of employed lobbyists.

Requesting a transfer will not affect the account status for a lobbyist.  The lobbyist may continue to sign in to the system and file contribution forms even if the request is pending.  When the request is approved by the Legislative Resource Center the name will appear on the list of lobbyists for the new employer and pre-populated information on the contribution form will be updated.

To request a transfer to a new employer:

    Click on the link Request Employer Transfer in the Manage Your Profile section:



The Request Employer Transfer screen is displayed;

    Enter at least three characters of the new employer name in the Employer Name field and click the Search button:



A list of all registrant names that match your search criteria will be displayed;

    Click on the name of the registrant that you will be transferring to:



The Transfer Summary screen is displayed with both your old and new employer information;

    Click the Submit Transfer Request button to complete the request;

Note:  If you did not select the correct registrant, you can click the Select a different employer link to select a new employer;



A confirmation message will be displayed.  When your transfer has been reviewed by the Legislative Resource Center an email will be sent to the email address on file for the lobbyist account with the results of their review.

Step by Step Instructions:

Working with the Contribution Form