Problems Receiving Email Messages

Troubleshooting Guide | Problems Receiving Email Messages 
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If you are not receiving activation or filing status messages that are being sent by the system, one of the following may be the problem:

    All system messages are sent to the email address on each account.  Please check the email address and verify it is correct.  If the lobbyist isn’t able to sign in to the system, the registrant can update the email address for their employees from the “Manage Lobbyist” screen;

    Spam blockers may be rejecting the email, or filtering it to a junk mail folder.  Add the domain name and to your address book or safe list and check the filers junk mail folder;

    Automated spam filters require a response from the sender before it will allow the email.   These requests will not be responded to.  You must contact your IT support staff if you need help in getting emails from and accepted automatically.

If a lobbyist inadvertently deleted, or did not receive, an activation email, please contact the House Legislative Resource Center at (202) 226-5200 about resending the activation email.

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