Line by line Instructions

You must be logged into the system to access the form and file it.

STEP 1. REPORT PERIOD & NAME:  You must select the report year and period to create or append a report.  If you are amending a previously filed report, the system will check the  amendment box for you automatically.

Click “Continue” to review the registration information that will be pre-populated on your form.

STEP 2. LIST PACS: After you have reviewed your registration information, you can enter the name of each political action committee (“PAC”) that you established or controlled.  Enter the PAC name in the text box and click “Add PAC.”  You may add up to ten PACs.  If may also skip this screen if do not have any PACs to report.

Click “Continue to Contributions” when you are finished with the PAC listing for your filing.

STEP 3. LIST CONTRIBUTIONS:  If you do not have any contributions to report, click on the “No Contributions to Report” box,

If you do have contributions to report, use the Contribution wizard to insert each contribution you need to report:

    Select FECA, Honorary Expenses, Meeting Expenses, Presidential Library Expenses, or Presidential Inaugural Committee from the drop down list:

Note:  FECA contributions are campaign contributions to federal officeholders, leadership PACs and political party committees.  Honorary Expenses is an expansive category designed to capture many required disclosures, such as the cost of an honoring event, a payment to an entity named for or in recognition of a covered legislative official, to an entity established, financed, maintained or controlled by a covered official, and contribution to a presidential inaugural committee;

    Select the contributor (self or PAC(s)) from the drop down list;

    Select the date of the contribution using the calendar tool or typing the date in mm/dd/yyyy format;

    Enter the amount of the contribution;

    Enter the payee name.  Payee names may be the campaign committee name for the covered official (such as “Citizens for Senator X”), or the vendor (such as “AnyState University,” or “Hotel Splendide”);

    Enter the honoree name.  Honoree name is the Member of Congress (such as “Senator Theresa Terrific”) or “Representative Grant Goodguy”);

    Repeat these steps to enter each contribution.

Click “Continue to Signature” to certify and file your form.

STEP 4. CERTIFICATION:  Each registrant and lobbyist must check the box to certify that they have read and are familiar with the rules of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives relating to the provision of gifts and travel; and have not provided, requested, or directed a gift, including travel, to a Member, officer or employee of either body that would violate the rules of the body.

If you have additional comments on your report that you want to make to clarify an entry, please use the comments box.

Click “Review & Print Your Report” to view a printable version of your filing.  When you are sure that you have included all of your contributions, click on the “Sign and Submit” to file your form with the Senate and the House.  A filing confirmation will be displayed in your browser when your form has been submitted.  A confirmation email will be sent to the email address on record for the filers account when your form has been processed.

See Understanding Electronic Filing for more information on processing messages

Step by Step Instructions:

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