Importing XML files into a New Contribution Form

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To import the XML file into the contribution form:

    Sign in to the system and click on the File LD-203 Report tab in the header bar;



The LD-203 Contribution Report form is displayed;

    Select a year and report type from the Report Year and Filing Period fields, then click the Continue button:



The Create New Report screen is displayed;

    Click the Browse button in the Import Contributions Data section:

The Choose File screen is displayed.  Navigate to the folder where you stored the XML file you want to import;

    Select the file you want to import and click the Open button;

    Click the Upload XML button.  The XML file you are uploading will be validated;

    If any entry in your import file does not pass validation, an error message will be displayed.  You must correct the data in your import file and upload it again;

See the Troubleshooting Guide for a list of error messages and how to resolve them


    If the import passes validation a successful message will be displayed.  Click the Continue button to review the rest of your form;

Note:  This information cannot be changed on the contribution form.  Registrant names can only be updated by filing a registration or reporting form with the corrected name.  Filer contact information must be updated from the My Account or Account Information tab;

    Click the Continue to PAC’s button and verify that all of your PAC names are listed;

    Click the Continue to Contributions button and verify all of your contributions are listed;

    When all of the contributions are complete and you are ready to file your form, click the Continue to Signature button to file it.

Note:  You may edit your PAC name and contribution entries on the form if needed using the edit button for each entry.

Step by Step Instructions:

Appending a Contribution Form with an XML File