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Troubleshooting Guide | Importing XML Data 
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The import tool has been designed for use by IT professionals that are proficient with XML.  If you are using the import spreadsheet there are several things that you must consider:

    If you have less than 100 contributions to report, it is better to use the online form.  The spreadsheet requires redundant data entry that is not required if you use the form;

    If you are not proficient with XML, it may take you longer to troubleshoot import problems than it will take to enter the contributions on the form.

If you still wish to use the spreadsheet to create your import file, you may receive one of the following errors if you did not enter your contributions correctly:


Service Error


Failed System Null Reference

The import tool will not accept XML files that were generated using MS Excel 2002 or earlier.  If you do not have the XML functions on the Data menu and have to use the Save As feature to create the XML, you are not using the correct version of Excel.  You must upgrade to MS Excel version 2003 or later and then export a new XML file.

Some of your contributor’s names aren't found in the provided PAC Names list.

The import tool is case sensitive.  This message indicates that you probably have a typo in one of the contributor fields in your spreadsheet.  You must make sure that the PAC names listed are the same as the contributor name and export a new XML file.

This Import contains empty PACS. Please adjust your XML file and try again.

The import tool will not accept files that have blank PAC elements.  Check the spreadsheet and remove any blank PAC entries, then export a new XML file.

The XML data was successfully saved or exported.  The data is not valid according to it's schema.

Details:  '39993' violates pattern constraint of '(0?[1-9]|1[1012])[-/.][1-9]|[12][0-9]\3[01]  The element 'date' with value '39993' failed to parse.

This message may be displayed if you are using an Excel spreadsheet to create an import file.  The message is correct, the date field on your spreadsheet is formatted as a “date” instead of plain text so it’s converted to a number when you create the XML file, but no further action is needed.  The number is converted back into a date by our system when you import the file into the form.

Some Elements in the XML file are empty/incomplete. Please fill in all elements and try again.

This message is displayed when there are blank fields in column C through H.  You must complete all of the required information listed in these columns for each contribution.

Xml Validation Error: The 'XXX' element is invalid - The value '' is invalid according to its data type ''

This message is displayed when there are fields in your spreadsheet (or data types in your XML file) that are not formatted correctly.  This happens often when data is copied from another source and pasted into a spreadsheet.

The details of this message will change depending on which data type is not  formatted correctly.  You must verify that each column in your spreadsheet, or each data type in your XML file, is formatted correctly:

-     Column A (name) should be formatted as text;

-     Column B should not contain data and should not be formatted;

-     Column C (type) should be formatted as text;

-     Column D (contributorName) should be formatted as text;

-     Column E (payeeName) should be formatted as text;

-     Column F (recipientname) should be formatted as text;

-     Column G (amount) should be formatted as number with 2 decimal points;

-     Column H (date) should be formatted as text.

Step by Step Instructions:

Correcting an Excel File