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Working with the Contribution Form | Importing XML Data 
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You may import contribution data using an XML file that you’ve created from any source, such as a database or Excel spreadsheet.  The import tool is designed for populating large forms by IT professionals familiar with using XML files and only available to registrants by default.  Lobbyists with more than 100 contributions to report and have the technical experience to use XML can contact the Legislative Resource Center about using the import tool.

Note:  If you are a lobbyist, or a registrant, who is not familiar with XML, it is recommended that you use the Wizard available on the Contribution form.

The following files are available in a zip file ( that will help you import contributions.  This zip file contains a spreadsheet to create an import file for the contribution form:

    LD3Export.xls (Blank Excel spreadsheet with schema mapping);

    LD3ExportSAMPLE.xls (Excel spreadsheet with sample data);

    LD3ExportXMLSample.xml (sample import file)

    LDC.xsd (LD203 Schema).

Note:  The LD203Import file works with Microsoft Office 2003 or later..  If you are using Office 2007, the steps to export the data are different from Office 2003.

See Line by Line Instructions for more information on what should be entered on a report

Step by Step Instructions:

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