Filing Your Form

Working with the Contribution Form | Filing Your Form 
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When all of the entries on your form have been completed, you can certify you understand the gift and travel rules for the House and Senate and file it electronically.

To electronically file your completed form:

    If your form is not already open, complete steps 1 – 3 to create and complete the form;

    Click the Continue to Signature button on step 3:



    If you have additional comments you would like to add, enter them in the Comments field:

    Check the Certification checkbox that you understand the Standing Rules of the Senate and the Rules of the House on Gifts and Travel:

A message will be displayed when you try to file the form if the certification box is not checked;

Note:  Only the registrant or lobbyist listed on the form can check the certification portion of the form and file it;

    Enter the characters displayed in the text box and click the Sign and Submit button:

The form will be signed using the contact information for your account and submitted.  When the form has been received, a confirmation message will be displayed.  This confirmation will contain a reference number, your name, and the report year and type that you submitted;

    If you wish to keep a printed copy of your filing confirmation, click the Print this receipt for your records link;

    If you wish to print a copy of the filing for your records, click the Print Your Completed Report link:

A printable version of your filed form is displayed in your browser.  Use the print function in your browser to print the filed report for your records.

Note:  The system uses the individual listed under contact information to sign registrant forms, lobbyist forms will be signed using the lobbyist name.

Step by Step Instructions: