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Working with the Contribution Form | Creating a New Form 
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The contribution form is interactive and the system will build a unique filing for each reporting period in three easy steps. A contribution wizard has also been created to assist you in entering your individual contributions for each report. Once a filing has been created, it will be saved on the system so that you can append it as many times as needed until the report is ready to be submitted.

See Line by Line Instructions for more information on what should be entered on a report

To create a new report:

    Click on the File LD-203 Report tab in the header bar;



The LD-203 Contribution Report form is displayed;

    Select a year and report type from the Report Year and Filing Period fields, then click the Continue button:



The Create New Report screen is displayed;

    Click the Create New Report button;



Registration information that is pre-populated on your form from your account information will be displayed;

Note:  Registrant names can only be updated by filing a registration or reporting form with the corrected name.  Filer contact information can be updated from the My Account or Account Information tab;

    Click the Continue to PAC’s button;



A form for the year and filing period you selected is created on the server and the List PACs screen is displayed.  You can use this screen to list the name of each political action committee that you established or controlled during the selected filing period;

    If you do not have any political action committee names to report, click the Continue to Contributions button;

    If you do have a political action committee name to report:



    Enter it in the PAC Name field and click the Add Pac button:



The name will be displayed below the field.  If you have more than one name to report, you can repeat these steps until all of the names have been listed;

    If you need to edit any of the PAC names you have entered:

    Click the Delete button next to any name you want to remove from this list;

    Click the Edit button next to the name you want to change:



The name becomes editable;

    Click the Update button when your changes are complete:



    When you have confirmed that the information is correct, click the Continue to Contributions button:

Note:  You should review all of the PAC names you have entered before continuing. Each name on the PAC list will be available as a contributor on the next screen and cannot be edited if you select it as a contributor;



The List Contributions screen is displayed with a wizard to help you enter your contributions:

    If you did not have any contributions for the reporting period, click the No Contributions to report checkbox.  At this point, you do not need to list any contributions and you can sign and file your report;

    If you do have contributions to report, you can enter them on the form using the wizard;

Note:  The No Contributions checkbox is hidden if you've added at least one contribution to the form.  All contributions must be deleted to display it again;

    To enter a contribution:

    Select a contribution type from the pull down menu;



    Select a contributor name from the pull down menu;



    Select the date of the contribution using a calendar or by entering the date;





    Enter the contribution amount, payee name, honoree name, and click the Add Contribution button:



If the contribution entry is not complete, a message will be displayed above the field;

    Correct the entry and click the Add Contribution button again;



The new contribution entry will be displayed below the wizard.  You may repeat these steps as many times as needed to insert all of your contributions.

Note:  At this point it is important to remember that the system saves the form for you.  If you need to enter contributions for a specific filing period over several days or months, you can sign in to the system again, retrieve the saved form and append the filing as needed until it is ready to be filed;

    If you need to edit any of the contributions you have entered:

    Click the Delete button next to the entry you want to remove;

    Click the Edit button next to the contribution you want to change:



All of the fields for that contribution become editable;

    Modify the fields as needed and click the Update button to apply your changes;

    When all of the contributions are complete and you are ready to file your form, click the Continue to Signature button to file it.

Step by Step Instructions:

Using Saved Forms