Correcting an Excel File

Troubleshooting Guide | Correcting an Excel File 
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If you receive an error message that an “element is invalid” when importing an XML file, the spreadsheet you are using to create the import file is probably formatted incorrectly.

Error displayed when creating the XML file

Error displayed when importing the XML file

In this example, both error messages refer to the format in the “amount” field.  To correct the formatting:

    Open the file you are trying to use to create the import;

    Select the entire column that is referenced in the error message;

    Right click on the column and click on Format Cells:

A dialog window is displayed that allows you to change the column value.  Each column in the spreadsheet must be formatted as listed below:

Column A (name) should be formatted as text;

Column B should not contain data and should not be formatted;

Column C (type) should be formatted as text;

Column D (contributorName) should be formatted as text;

Column E (payeeName) should be formatted as text;

Column F (recipientname) should be formatted as text;

Column G (amount) should be formatted as number with 2 decimal points;

Column H (date) should be formatted as text;

    In the example given above, the amount column is formatted incorrectly.  To fix it, select Number in the Category field, and 2 in the Decimal places field, then click OK.

    Repeat the steps to save the file as an XML Data file and import it into the Contribution System again.

Step by Step Instructions:

Viewing Completed Forms