Appending a Contribution Form with an XML File

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You can use the import tool to append or replace an existing form.  The system will determine if your filing is a new report or an amendment dynamically based on whether you previously filed an original report for the reporting period you select.

To append an existing Contribution Form using an XML import file:

    Sign in to the system and click on the File LD-203 Report tab in the header bar;



The LD-203 Contribution Report form is displayed;

    Select a year and report type from the Report Year and Filing Period fields, then click the Continue button:



The Previous Report Found screen is displayed;

    Click the Add to Existing Report button if you want to insert additional data into your form;

    Click the Replace Existing Report button if you want to create a whole new report;

    Click the Browse button in the Import Contributions Data section:

The Choose File screen is displayed.  Navigate to the folder where you stored the XML file you want to import;

    Select the file you want to import and click the Open button;

    Click the Upload XML button.  The XML file you are uploading will be validated;



    If any entry in your import file does not pass validation, an error message will be displayed.  You must correct the data in your import file and upload it again;


    If the import passes validation a successful message will be displayed.  Click the Continue button to review the rest of your form;

Note:  This information cannot be changed on the contribution form.  Registrant names can only be updated by filing a registration or reporting form with the corrected name.  Filer contact information must be updated from the My Account or Account Information tab;

    Click the Continue to PAC’s button and verify that all of your PAC names are listed;

    Click the Continue to Contributions button and verify all of your contributions are listed;

    When all of the contributions are complete and you are ready to file your form, click the Continue to Signature button to file it.

Note:  You may edit your PAC name and contribution entries on the form if needed using the edit button for each entry.

Step by Step Instructions:

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