Adding New Lobbyist Accounts

Managing Lobbyist Accounts | Adding New Lobbyist Accounts 
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To create an account for a newly registered lobbyist, you must add the name to the system.  You must add the new lobbyist to the system within the same filing period that you registered the individual to lobby on a Registration or Reporting form.  The registration for new lobbyist accounts must be verified by the Legislative Resource Center and approved before the lobbyist can sign in to the system.

To add a new lobbyist account:

    Click on the Manage Lobbyists tab in the header:



The Manage Lobbyist screen is displayed;

    Click on the Add New Lobbyist button:



The Add New Lobbyist screen is displayed;

    Enter the new lobbyist name in the appropriate fields;



    Enter the new lobbyist phone number and email address in the appropriate fields;

    Enter the date the lobbyist began actively lobbying in the Effective Date field and click the Add Lobbyist button:



The Manage Lobbyist screen is displayed with a message that the new account has been added.  The password status on the new account is submitted and an activation email has been sent to the new lobbyist.

When the lobbyist activates the account the status is updated to pending and the House Legislative Resource Center will review it.  Please remember that the account will not be approved until the name is listed as a new lobbyist on a Registration or Reporting form.

See Reviewing Lobbyist Accounts for a list of status definitions

Step by Step Instructions:

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