Activating Lobbyist Accounts

Managing Lobbyist Accounts | Activating Lobbyist Accounts 
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Lobbyist accounts are unique to each actively registered lobbyist.  You will continue to use the same ID and password as long as you are actively lobbying, even if you change your employer.  Before you can log in you must activate your account and create a password.

When your account is verified by your employer, the system will automatically send you an activation email so that you can create your password and set three security questions.  The system will also send you an activation email if you have locked your account and need to reset the password.

To activate your account or reset your password:

    Locate your activate email:



    Click on the link in the body of the email or follow the instructions to copy and paste the email into a browser window:



An activation page is displayed;

    Modify the name fields as needed and complete the required fields for a mailing address;



    Update the phone number if needed;

    Type a password in the Password field and enter it a second time in the Confirm Password field;

Note:  Passwords are case sensitive and must contain at least 6 characters, at least one number, and at least one upper case character;

    Select a question from the Question 1 pull down menu in the Security Question section and type an answer in the Answer 1 field;

    Repeat the previous step for security question 2 and security question 3;

    Click the Activate Account button;



A confirmation will be displayed in your browser;



When your account has been activated a second email will be sent to you confirming your ID and password.  Please save this email for your records and delete the original activation email.  Once your account has been activated the link to activate the account is no longer valid and cannot be used again.

Step by Step Instructions:

Updating Account Information