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Troubleshooting Guide | Accessing the System 
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Website Issues

Access to the system is provided using an ID and password.  If the sign in screen does not display several factors may be causing the problem:

    The Contribution System requires the following configuration:

Internet Explorer Version 6.x SP2, or Firefox Version 2.x;

Java Version 1.5;

To resolve the problem you may need to update Java or your browser;

    The sign in screen is displayed by clicking on the LD-203 Contribution link on the Lobbying Disclosure website.  If you have blocked pop-ups, the sign in screen may not display.  Click here to access the system directly:;

    Restricted web sites:  Some users are restricted to accessing web sites that are listed as a trusted site only.  Adding ”LD.CONGRESS.GOV” to the list of trusted sites on your browser may allow you to access the web site;

    Network restrictions.  If you receive any of the following messages you are being blocked by your network:

502 proxy error. The specified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) port is not allowed. ISA Server is not configured to allow SSL requests from this port;

Access Denied;

Page Cannot Be Displayed;

HTTP:404  Page not found

Some registrants have firewall restrictions from within their network that do not allow users to access non-standard ports for a website. You will need to discuss this with your IT department for a solution.  Please contact LRC to discuss the firewall configuration settings that need to adjusted to allow access to the web site

Sign In Issues

Registrants must use their Senate ID and password to sign into the system.  If a message is displayed that you are using the wrong ID or password, please contact the Senate to confirm your ID and password.

Lobbyists must create a password and security questions after their employer creates an account for them to sign into the system.  If you can’t sign in, several options are available to assist you:

    If you can’t sign in because of a wrong ID or password:

The system will look up your ID or password and email them to you.  Links have been provided directly below the ID and Password fields.

    If the system says your ID or email address can’t be found:

Please contact the person in your organization that manages your registration and reporting process.  You must be registered as a lobbyist and your employer must verify your account before you are sent an activation email.

    If the employer verified the lobbyist account, but the lobbyist did not receive an activation email:

You must verify that the email address on the account is correct.  You should also review the junk email settings to make sure that all mail from can be received.

See Locating Your ID Number or Locating Your Password to obtain the correct ID or password

Step by Step Instructions:

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